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Liberty Chemicals Ltd.: Quality Policy

The quality policy is issued on the occasion of the certification of the Quality System in its main innovative aspects:

  • vision of the organisation in terms of processes
  • risk analysis approach
  • analysis of the context in which it operates
  • understanding of stakeholders' expectations
  • commitment to the fulfilment of explicit and implicit customer requirements
  • continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System

Our strengths are as follows:

  • a product list that includes auxiliary products and specialities for all processes in the textile industry without exclusion
  • an international client portfolio
  • a team of tried and tested technicians

Our objectives:

  • be recognised by the market as an innovative company that maintains a close partnership with customers to achieve a range of technological improvements, cost savings and improved process controls
  • create and maintain effective and creative partnerships with leading fashion companies to propose new solutions for textile printing, coating or finishing to the textile market
  • offer an efficient logistics service for the delivery of goods

The Quality System documentation describes the interactions between processes to ensure the consistent quality of our products/services through the systematic control of purchasing materials, the validity of the product storage and preparation process and its controls, the use of documents of proven completeness

This version of the Quality Policy will continue to be a reference point for our activities until the conditions that generated it change.

Arsago Seprio, January 2020